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February 16, 2011 / GreenMan

Show me the money!

Okay folk, let’s get down to business. I know what you all want: to save some green, right? Well, who better to give you that opportunity? Green is something I know ALL about. So here’s the deal. If you are not already aware, then I’m here to enlighten you and drag you out from that rock your living under and save you some dough!

Every week TubeTape offers one select item 50% off. (And sometimes it’s a bundle of items, so it’s really like saving 50% on multiple products) Now this isn’t a scam where they give away crappy, unpopular products just to clear out shelf space. These people are discounting things like PhotoKey 4, lighting kits, and Video Copilot editing software. It’s unbelievable and I haven’t seen another store have a deal quite like this. These are quality products and the only catch is that the discount is good for 24 hours only. They launch this promotion every Thursday and they even send you out reminder emails every week so you know exactly what is on sale and how much you can save.

What do I suggest? SIGN UP. You’ve got nothing to lose. Because here’s the thing, the products are constantly changing every week. You never know when that $500.00 light kit you’ve been wanting will drop drastically to $250. And you wouldn’t want to be left in the “dark” now, would you? Heh, heh… okay, so it’s a bad joke. But a good sale never the less!

So save yourself some green. Get on board with the rest of the TubeTape fans that have already saved hundreds of dollars. You can click on the banner on the right hand side of this page, or just follow the link below:

And don’t wait! Because after all, tomorrow is Thursday, which means another deal is up for grabs.

Oh, and here’s a tip I’m throwing out to ONLY my blog fans… tomorrow’s deal? Let’s just say the shutterbugs will enjoy it. Not a good enough hint? Okay okay FINE…It’s PhotoKey 4 PRO (+more!) See? What did I tell you. Amazing, right? Okay, now go sign up to get your promo code so you can buy it tomorrow for 50% off. Oh, and your very welcome.   : )


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