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April 15, 2011 / GreenMan

Affordable Solution for Interview Lighting

Powerful | Flexible | Affordable

Those three things are what you need in a light kit. And for you folks, I have the answer. It’s a brilliant, relatively new kit from TubeTape that delivers 900 watts of cool fluorescent light and may just be the perfect solution for interview and portrait lighting on a budget.

The Cool Flo 900 EZ kit really lives up to it’s name. It’s easy to set up, easy to break down, lightweight and portable. It uses three 85 watt cool fluorescent bulbs, which happens to be one of my favorite forms of lighting. Why? Because “cool flo” bulbs, if you don’t know already, stay cool to the touch always, no matter how long you use them for. They last a long time, and are super energy efficient. So not only are you helping out Mother Earth, you are also helping out your wallet by avoiding a large energy bill. However, the reason this kit is great for interviews is not the bulbs, it’s the versatility of the equipment. It comes with two softboxes and one umbrella which is a very interesting combination that you don’t see sold together very often. But it’s an awesome combo because you can use the two softboxes as a key and fill light, and then raise the umbrella slightly above and behind your subject’s head to create a beautiful, soft hair light. Or, for a more dramatic look, you can move the key and fill lights to the same side of the camera to create a slight darkening of one side of your subject’s face. Then place the umbrella directly behind the subject’s head at the same level, and this will give you that intense “halo” around them, thus making the mood a bit more edgy. If you’re working with a greenscreen, use the umbrella as a key and align the two softboxes on either side of the subject at a 45 degree angle. That way, those lights will cross beams, creating a nice fill light for your subject, and lighting the screen behind them at the same time.

This set up is so flexible, you can create the ideal environment for any type of interview. (The same goes for portraits too!) Not to mention, the softboxes and umbrella are ridiculously easy to assemble. The softbox literally just pops into place and is ready to go. You won’t have to mess with any rods or small parts that break or get lost. You will have your lights up and running in 5 minutes. The umbrella just slips right into the single socket, and collapses for easy storage. Two bags are included in this kit, meaning not only can you fit all your equipment in them for easy tranpsortaion, but you can keep your bulbs and breakables seperate from your hardware. Both bags are padded and have deividers so you can keep your gear safe and snug.

But the BEST part about this kit is, of course, it’s affordable. Don’t go elsewhere and waste $600 on a similar kit with less accessories (trust me, I’ve looked and it’s ugly). Go the way of the GreenMan and jump on over to TubeTape for a great deal on a quality, professional lighting kit. Again, if you’re shooting a nightscape scene in the SF streets, this is not the kit for you. If you are shooting a J-Lo music video with 50 backup dancers, this is not the kit for you. BUT if you are interviewing J-Lo about her music video with 50 people dancing in a trolley on the SF streets at nighttime, then this kit is for you.

To see this kit in action, check out the video below!



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  1. Erica / Apr 15 2011 1:00 PM

    Does it come with the stands?

    • GreenMan / Apr 15 2011 1:03 PM

      Yes. It comes with everything you see in the pic. 2 softboxes, 1 umbrella, 3 lightstands (6.5ft I believe), 3 (85 watt) bulbs, and two carrying bags.

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