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February 3, 2012 / GreenMan

Little Words, Big Savings

Word of the Day now on Facebook

My dear friends,

I have once again come to tell you news of huge savings offered now at your favorite online store, These folks have truly outdone themselves, if I do say so myself. As you know, they are all about giving you quality products at affordable prices. And with the Weekly Deal 50% off special, they have done just that. Well, to add on to the brilliantness (I had to make up a word, this deal is so good), they are now starting a “Word of the Day” promotion only on Facebook. Every Friday, on’s Facebook wall, they will announce a “Word of the Day” which will be a promo code you can use at checkout to give you a 15% discount on any item in the whole store! And it lasts all weekend long. Like I said… brilliant, right? So now you can shop til you drop all weekend long and save big money. 

So head over to Facebook (you know you have it open in another tab already) and “Like” to get the savings started. They already announced their Word of the Day today. See what it is here.



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